Saturday, August 15, 2009

How we win.

A couple days ago I posted about how Republicans are now trusted more than Democrats on 8 out of 10 issues, and tied on one other. As I said then, that's all well and good, but winning the issues is only half of the battle. In order to truly change things we need high quality candidates that are capable of challenging and winning in 2010.

Well, I found one.

Conservative Jesse Kelly, a former Marine, is running for Congress in Arizona against Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

This past Thursday, after Giffords decided to cancel her town hall on health care at the last minute, Kelly called up the American Legion that was hosting the event and offered his services.

They were happy to oblige.

(fast forward to 1:20 for the best action)

As you can see, not only was this great campaign strategy, but it was also a perfect demonstration of someone prepared to represent his district in Congress.

Kelly did the three simple things he needed to do to make this a great event:
  • He provided the audience an opportunity to speak their mind.
  • He was prepared to answer challenging questions.
  • He offered alternative ideas.
The former Marine has quite a challenge ahead of him. Giffords, in her 2nd term, has won her district with 54% and 56% in '06 and '08. But, the demographics of the District do provide him a road to victory.

If you'd like more information on Jesse Kelly, visit his website by clicking here.

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