Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Kasich Virtual Town Hall.... a review....

Unfortunately, I was unavailable to watch John Kasich's virtual town hall last night. But thanks to Johnny Drama stepping up, we have a review for ya....

Reportedly, "attendees" of theKasich town hall numbered into the thousands last night.

It proved to be a solid showing and included a solid smattering of questions as well.

Kasich was asked anything from his books (he’s writing a new one due next father’s day) to his position on school choice (he’s absolutely for school competition, whether through vouchers or charter schools). But without a doubt, a majority of the questions were simply on the economy.

What to do to get Ohio out of the “death spiral” it has been in for the past 4 years? The answers:
  • Lower taxes (so simple, yet so true)
  • Fewer, smarter regulators that don’t stand in the way of new business
  • Smaller, more effective, efficient government
  • A more highly educated and motivated workforce
While Kasich refrained from using Strickland’s name, he didn’t let up on the attacks on Strickland’s leadership. “Can you imagine having them in charge for another 5 years? Forget about it,” he said while pointing out that only two states (Michigan and Ohio) have had a net job loss over the past few years.

Finally, he was asked, “how are the bucks going to do this year?” He responded, “if we have a good offensive line, we’ll be fine.” That couldn’t have been a more poignant answer if the question instead was, “how are conservatives going to do in 2010?” If we go on the offensive, use intelligent, smart attacks, point out the other side’s faults while at the same time pointing out our solutions… “We’ll be fine.”

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