Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shop at Whole Foods

A lot of you have likely already heard about the op-ed from the CEO of Whole Foods criticizing Obama's health care plan. And you've also likely heard about the boycott from many on the left who are upset about said criticism.

A blog called The Agitator dresses down these boycotters better than I ever could. Check it out.
And yet lefties want to boycott the company because CEO John Mackey wrote an op-ed that suggests alternatives to single payer health care? It wasn’t even a nasty or mean-spirited op-ed. Mackey didn’t spread misinformation about death panels, call anyone names, or use ad hominem attacks. He put forth actual ideas and policy proposals, many of them tested and proven during his own experience running a large company. Is this really the state of debate on the left, now? “Agree with us, or we’ll crush you?”

These people don’t want a dicussion. They don’t want to hear ideas. They want you to shut up and do what they say, or they’re going to punish you.
Check out the rest here. Also, pay particularly close attention to the comment section to get a good idea of what he's talking about.

h/t: AT QB


  1. The followup was even better, IMO.


    AT QB

  2. I find it amusing that the right is using the entire argument that the left is saying agree with us or we will crush you. These are the same people who were calling anti-war protesters idiots and that by speaking up, we were hating America...

    That being said, the entire protest and boycott someone who doesnt agree with you is idiotic at best. If I boycotted everyplace who had a CEO who i disagreed with on social policy, I wouldn't be able to shop anywhere


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