Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Governor Slacker

I don't know what's up, Guv, but I have to imagine you want to keep gambling as far away from the news cycle as possible.

So I guess articles like this one from the Plain Dealer aren't exactly what you're looking for.
Gov. Ted Strickland has yet to decide whether the Greek gaming company that operates the Ohio Lottery will help the state set up video slot machines at race tracks, raising more questions about his goal of getting the machines spinning by May.


Since Strickland's executive order, track owners and some Statehouse leaders have complained about the May goal and the lack of details about the plan, including how late tracks can stay open and whether the licenses are transferable.

The seven track owners each are supposed to make a first payment of about $15 million toward their $65 million license fee around mid-September. Wurst said Monday that the state is holding to that date.

Stories like this continue to reenforce the inability of Ted Strickland to make decisions and be a leader. And if he wants to convince voters that he's capable of efficiently implementing his gambling experiment....well, this isn't how ya do it.

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