Wednesday, May 12, 2010

3BP's Inaugural Caption Contest....courtesy of Smokin' Ted Strickland

Oh my goodness.

Ohio's Governor is clueless.

This picture was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on May 8th.

Cavs fans may recognize the hand gesture as something made popular by their professional (and I use that term loosely) basketball team.

The rest of the world knows what it means.

Now here's where the challenge comes in...

Come up with the best caption for the photograph. The winner will receive a genuine "Jello Ted Strickland" t-shirt as provided by 3BP.

Here are some captions to get you started...
  • Perhaps he should spend more time around the mansion and he'd know such things
  • Remarkably, this is NOT your brain on drugs.
  • Immediately after photo was taken, the Gov sought counsel from his mansion gardener, maitre'd, and head chef on street pharmacology jargon.
  • The transformation into Bob Taft is now complete
  • "Reefer Sadness"
  • Invisible dead mice
  • How many jobs has Strickland created?
  • Dear Governor Strickland,
    You're an idiot.
    Hope Taft
Either post your caption as a comment (if anonymous, also e-mail me to tell me which is yours), e-mail it me at, or tweet it with the hashtag #3BPcaptioncontest.

I'll pick the winner at the end of the day.

And in case you needed anymore inspiration....


  1. After hours of arduous tax revenue projecting, Governor Ted Strickland takes time out to pose for a picture with State Budget Director J. Pari Sabety

  2. Here are my chances next Fall.

  3. Ted! Stop Bogarting our jobs!

  4. After nearly 4 years as Governor, Ted Strickland announces that legalizing marijuana is a new angle of his "Green-Jobs" plan.


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