Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AFSCME members are ticked.

Yesterday, the Ohio GOP detailed how the Governor was using Ohio taxpayer dollars to fund his latest attack ad against John Kasich.
On February 1, 2008 Strickland issued Executive Order 2008-02S allowing Ohio's 7,500 self-employed private-sector child care workers, whose customers pay with state-subsidized funds, to join labor unions. AFSCME Ohio Council 8 organized these workers and Strickland signed the first collective bargaining agreement in January.

As a result of this agreement, AFSCME Ohio Council 8 can collect up to $25 per month from Ohio's self-employed child-care workers or up to $2.25 million annually. Moreover, the State of Ohio collects AFSCME's dues for it, withholding the dues money from the state's payments to child care workers. The state then sends the money directly to AFSCME. With the money it receives from the State of Ohio, AFSCME then finances a variety of political activities, such as the negative attack ads it launched today against Strickland's opponent John Kasich.
Well, after receiving a couple e-mails from very frustrated recent AFSCME members, it's fair to say Strickland's efforts aren't appreciated.
I am one of these child care workers who was blindsided into this union. We found out that we were union on Craigslist! We were not given the opportunity to VOTE for this union. Not ONE childcare provider in Marion County voted for this union. I am not sure how legal this union is. I have been trying to find out exactly what we can do to get AFSCME out. I have a group of providers who are helping, one has talked to an attorney who is willing to take this case and has also said that John Kasich can overturn the executive order if he is elected Governor. PLEASE PLEASE forward this to John Kasich!!!!! He has my vote!!!!!!

[name redacted]


My name is [name redacted]. I am a state certified child care provider and have been for many years. Recently we have been forced to become part of AFSCME union. WE ARE SELF EMPLOYED! WE HAVE NO EMPLOYER AND NO EMPLOYEES! How can a union help us? They can't. They are taking our hard earned money and using it to smear Kasich's campaign. We do not want our money to go to something we don't support! Is there anything that Kasich can do to help us?? Is there anything that we can do to make this union go away?

[name redacted]
This is what happens when you abuse the system for your own political gain.

Strickland should be ashamed.


  1. Wow two people who somehow knew to e-mail a blogger in Virginia...

    LOL. Lame. You guys really are a just a bunch of thin skinned whiners trying to manufacture a phony contraversy over a union supporting a political candidate that supports the union on matters of public policy.

    Wow, two e-mails. How many more is the Kasich campaign working to manufacture? Yep, union elections mean that the loser doesn't get their way. Stunning exclusive you got there, Keeling.

    I bet it there are some Lehman Brother stockholders who have a bigger gripe than this.

  2. Modern, you are puny nerd bastard who's only friends are creepy bloggers, one of which who is a pedophile.

    You attraction to Ted Strickland is as creepy as you are.

    You have no friends, you are nothing but a loser blogger.

    Look around, this state is in terrible shape and all you can do is "LOL".

    You suck, your opinions suck, go away.

  3. You're right. Keeling's out-of-state worship of John Kasich, who's done virtually nothing except trade in his committee gavel for Wall Street, is completely different.

    Way to go for the personal attack when you can't discuss the substance of the issues.

    Quit being such a pissy whiner.

  4. Still with the hardon Assquire?


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