Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another lame and false ad from the Democrats against John Kasich? Don't mind if I do!

The DGA's new ad against John Kasich has been released and it's full of the same old, tired accusations about Kasich and Lehman.

I'll keep saying it. Kasich did nothing wrong. And that's official.

Read this post for the details.

That doesn't mean these ads won't continue to damage Kasich. But to the Democrats, truth be damned, right?

Still. It won't be enough.

Kasich needs to tell his story. Explain his successes.

Once those are shared with Ohio's voters, they'll prefer the alternative to the man who failed to live up to his two promises....turning around Ohio and fixing education.

Meanwhile, new poll numbers should be coming out soon. It's expected that at that time Strickland attack ads will have quadrupled the ad buy of the RGA's single push.

Strickland should have substantively increased his lead. The question is whether they are using up their ammo too quickly. After all, we're five months away from voting.


  1. There's not one single false thing in that ad...

    Didn't Kasich work for Lehman Bros.? Did it not go bankrupt? Did it not pay out billions in bonsuses as it went bankrupt?

    Even your own post concedes that the ad is right to point out that Kasich has been less than forecoming about what he did while working at Lehman Bros.

    You can decry the unfairness of guilty by economic association, but the ad isn't false by a longshot.

  2. I'll submit that the text in the ad is not a lie.

    But as you state, the guilt by association inferences are unfair, to put it lightly. They aren't just unfair, they're flat out wrong. The report I linked and the media have said so themselves.

    However, I didn't do anything even close to conceding Kasich should be forTHcoming about his time at Lehman Bros.

    I said he needed to tell his own story. As in, his own BIOGRAPHY of his successes throughout his lifetime.

    There's nothing there in regards to wrongdoing at Lehman. Read the report if you don't believe me.

  3. Of course, the report you mention wasn't focused on Kasich at all. Nor did it mention how Lehman Bros. used Kasich to try to lobby the public pensions for more work. And how Kasich readily agreed.

  4. You read 2,200 pages fast.

    The court-ordered report went into obnoxious detail about the practices that led to the downfall of Lehman. If Kasich was complicit in any activity, he would have been included.

    And do you know how pensions work? They contract with banks to manage them. Do you know how contracts are put together? Pension funds and bankers contact eachother to offer their services. Do you know how many pension funds lost money during the crash? All of them. Do you know how many Kasich helped coordinate? None.

  5. Wow, Modern Assquire really has a hard on for you.


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