Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Dale, John Wayne called. He wants his strut back.

In what may be the best advertisement yet of 2010, this commercial for a statewide candidate down in Alabama couldn't be more amazing.

It was just uploaded yesterday, and as of a little after midnight this morning it already had over 40,000 views. Pretty damn impressive.

I'm not sure what part is my favorite - the as subtle as a slap in the face shot of his gun, or the close-up of the horse when he asks who would support "such a dummy" when speaking of his opponent.


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  1. David Weigel, over at the WAPO blogs page has some unkind things to say about this commercial.

    When I moved from NYC to PHX decades ago I was startled by the commericals for an auto dealership featuring a man on a huge brahma bull. "This here ain't no bull" was the motto.

    It took me a while to assimilate to Arizona, but I did. It will be interesting to watch the liberals demonstrate their lack of tolerance and their ignorance by over reacting to this.


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