Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ohio Democrats are corrupt.

It's partywide.

There's no other way to look at it.

In the past four years Ohio has experienced the following...

Marc Dann.
Corrupt and criminal Strickland appointees.
Cuyahoga Democrats and the FBI investigation of Jimmy DiMora.
Athens County Dem Chairwoman Susan Gwinn bribing for votes.
Kevin Boyce's backroom deals.
And now Chief Justice Eric Brown breaking fundraising rules.

If that's not a trend, I don't know what is.

Ohio Democrats took power and dove right into the deep end of corruption, criminality, and major ethical lapses.

Sure, Democrats will respond by saying Republicans have done it, too. And to some extent in the past, they'd be right. To this level? Probably not. But yes, Ohio GOPers have been guilty in the past of ethical and criminal transgressions.

But this is the present.

These are the people voters put in charge over the past four years. And there's no reason to allow transgressions of individuals in the past distract us from what's happening now.

Across the board, they've failed to live up to the standards of which they were elected. And each and every Ohioan should be furious.

They promised they'd live up to higher standards. Instead they've only lowered them.


  1. LOL. Pathetic.

    You are really stretching now. Quit believing your party's own press release. Brown broke no laws. Nor is there anything in "Troopergate" but a partisan inspired "conspiracy." WE kicked Dann to the curb while the GOP dragged their heels.

    You really are looking for a new campaign theme already?

  2. LOL. I love this. Just LOVE it. You really should visit Ohio more Jon Keeling. Are you that out of touch? The bubble of Virginia/DC will do that to a person.

  3. Wow...Within minutes of decrying the political tactic of guilt by association involving Lehman Bros., you engaged in a worse form of the tactic.

    How are you not a hypocrite?

  4. Modern,

    Brown didn't break any laws, just the judicial code of conduct.


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