Friday, May 28, 2010

Have a webcam? Sick and tired of Ted Strickland?

Well, the RGA wants you.

And for those that don't have access to youtube:
We’re asking Ohioans to submit videos explaining how Ted Strickland’s broken promises have affected their lives.

The Republican Governors Association has already noted in a television ad that Gov. Ted Strickland is worried and has no choice but to attack John Kasich because the governor has nothing good to say about his own record in office. In a subsequent video, the RGA highlighted Strickland’s habit of shifting blame to cover up his own broken promises.

Today, the RGA released a video on its Facebook page asking people to submit their own video descriptions of how Strickland’s broken promises and failed policies affect their own lives.

We’re asking all Ohioans to fire up their web cams and tell their own stories to their friends and neighbors.

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