Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cathy Collins-Taylor is a zombie.

Yesterday, after failing to be confirmed by the Ohio Senate, Cathy Collins-Taylor was fired as Director of the Department of Public Safety.

The most amazing part of this is it never needed to happen. If Ted wasn't incompetent and had sent her name up for confirmation months ago, she would have been confirmed.

So the failures of the Strickland Administration cost someone else a job. Shocker.

But soon after we learned that Collins-Taylor was back from the dead. This time as a member of the parole board - once again an appointee of Governor Ted Strickland.

That may explain this sign on I-71 this morning. [courtesy Matt Bruning of 610 WTVN].

Ultimately, the chairman of the criminal justice subcommittee got right to the meat of the matter.
"The buck stops here," Grendell said. "We're talking today about somebody who wants to be at the top of the department of public safety, and a record of at least allowing politics to interfere with a criminal investigation."
What politics? Ask the Columbus Dispatch.
Clearly the operation was aborted to spare the governor political embarrassment, despite unconvincing protests that it was done for safety reasons. If Collins-Taylor, Dicken and the others had been forthcoming at the outset and admitted that the aim was to save face for the governor, this incident might have merited one or two days' worth of news.

Instead, Strickland's closest advisers and other administration officials chose to be uncooperative and secretive and to impugn Charles and his investigation.
It's very simple. Cabinet officials cannot lie. Cathy Collins-Taylor did.

The Inspector General said so.
A Senate committee said so.
The full Ohio Senate said so.

But don't worry. Strickland's ok with it. He gave her another job.


  1. Actually, Bill Harris said he doesn't believe she lied, and that's not why she voted against him.

    Wow, that was some jury of her peers she had: an election-year inspired group of Republican supermajorities.

    And they almost lost!

    You know who hasn't said she's lied under oath? A grand jury.

  2. @Modern Esquire-Hopefully a Grand Jury will get the chance!!

  3. What a shock-NOT! I'm curious what the salary is for this job? She has a really nice new vacation house in Hilton Head to pay for!

    I think the Parole Board is the perfect spot for her. Perhaps someone will look back at her impecable record at CPD and fill the Gov. in on the inappropriate relationship she carried on with an inmate in prison until her supervisor found out and had to order her to put an end to it.

    You know they say "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"? Shame on you Governor Stickland! You fell for it again!You two enjoy the ride until November when it all comes to an end.


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