Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ad of the year candidate?

We're one day into Ohio's general election season and we already have a candidate for best ad of the year.

The NRSC hits Fisher right where he's been vulnerable all along - the Jobs Crisis. Now is the time for third-party surrogates like the NRSC to use their resources to educate Ohioans on Fisher's real record.

Meanwhile, Rob Portman is taking a different tact. If you're in the mood for some substance, go check out Rob Portman's first release of his plan to bring jobs to Ohio.

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  1. I don't understand the uberleft's undying love for Jennifer Brunner except for one thing - the fact that Lee Fisher's record will bury him.

    Can he dig out in time for November? Time will tell.

    But make no mistake: If your job for the last four years was to "create jobs" (government does no such thing, but that's another debate) and your record is Lee Fisher's, you're in bad shape if you want to be a United States Senator next January. Brunner, for her many faults, does not have Lee Fisher's baggage.


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