Friday, May 21, 2010

Three and a half years later, has the great turnaround begun?

Ohio's unemployment rate ticked down, from 11% to 10.9% in April.

Of course, I guess it's a little easier to climb out of a hole once you've hit bottom.

At this rate of improvement, Ohio will finally fall under 10% unemployment in February of next year.

Of course, at that same rate we'll have to wait until January of 2015 to reach 5.3% unemployment, the rate Ohio enjoyed in Ted's first month in office.

And that's the problem. As the country slowly crawls out of it's economic mess, Ohio will be stuck at the end of the pack. Why? Because of a business tax climate ranking us 47th in the nation.

Why does that matter? Ask the hundreds of CEOs that rated Ohio as the 44th best place to do business in the country.

When the state isn't attractive to the guys who create and retain jobs, then Ohio doesn't recover as quickly as it should.

Ohio needs to take drastic steps to improve its standing in the eyes of those that do business.

In the past three and a half years, Ted Strickland has refused to take even a baby step in that direction.

What makes anyone think that will change by rewarding him with four more years?


  1. Ohio lead the nation in the number of new jobs last month.

  2. But the rate only improved 0.1%? We're so fucked.

  3. It's only improved that much because the amount of job growth (new jobs) barely edged out the number of unemployed folks who had stopped looking for work who starting looking again. That's hardly something to be upset about, unless you're Keeling.

    It means that those who had given up and starting to get hopeful about the economy again.


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