Monday, May 10, 2010

Above the Fold.

If you've got bad news, that's the last place you want to be.

Above the fold on the front page of a major newspaper.

And that's exactly where Troopergate found itself this Sunday, the most widely read newspaper day of the week.

Here's a screencap in case you aren't in central Ohio and missed it...

The comprehensive article details the attacks by Strickland and his surrogates on Inspector General Thomas Charles in response to his report on Troopergate where he details a number of embarrassments and downright wrongdoing in the Strickland Administration.

And it takes a very close look at whether those attacks are warranted.

The most interesting part of the article focuses on whether Strickland's Department of Public Safety Director, Cathy Collins-Taylor, lied or not. While the Dispatch doesn't come to a conclusion, the way they lay out the evidence and testimony from Collins-Taylor definitely leaves the reader siding with the Inspector General.

But either way, this post isn't meant to once again detail the specifics of the case. It's to highlight the fact that despite the best efforts of the Strickland Administration, they can't shake this story loose.

A lot of people in central Ohio learned about this story for the first time on Sunday when they picked their Sunday paper off their stoop. What they read was a story of a Governor and his surrogates attacking someone reappointed time and time again by three Governors. And the overwhelming amount of evidence he and his team collected that highlights wrongdoing by the Administration.

This isn't going away, Governor.

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