Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ohio GOP congressional candidates storm ahead...

Two of the top congressional races in the country are in Ohio.

And now, thanks to new polling, we have an idea of where they're trending.

GOP challenger Jim Renacci is up up 13 points on Rep. John Boccieri in Ohio's 16th congressional district.

In the 1st congressional district, former Congressman Steve Chabot is up 14 points on the current incumbent, Steve Driehaus.

As of now, these are pretty overwhelming leads and they're getting national attention.

And what's particularly amazing is how these races are supposed to be going, per top political prognosticators.

For example, according to Charlie Cook, Boccieri's race is supposed to lean Democratic and Driehaus is supposed to be a toss-up.

In other words, Boccieri should be ahead and Driehaus should be even.

But they're not. Not even close.

Given, these races are sure to tighten as each candidate goes up on the air later into the campaign season. But these leads cannot be taken lightly.

The wave is coming.

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