Friday, May 28, 2010

Democrats aren't very confident.

Over half of the 37 Democratic Congressmen and Senators that responded to a National Journal survey believe they are going to lose 20-29 seats in the House of Representatives.

84% think they are going to lose between 3-6 seats in the Senate.

Those may not be majorities, but they would send a very serious message about the Democratic agenda.

But think how depressing it must be to be a Democratic member of Congress? Here you are answering a survey about how much power your caucus will lose. Yeesh.

The Republicans surveyed were quite a bit more optimistic of their chances.

Over half believe the GOP will regain the majority and win more than 40 seats.

And 74% believe Republicans will win 7 or more seats in the Senate.

We'll see who's the better predictor in five short months.

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