Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's Election Day in Ohio.

The election turnout will be interesting to watch this evening. Clearly, the high profile Ohio Senate Democratic primary will bring out the Dems. The question is how many Republicans show up to vote for a State Auditor's race that hasn't excited many more than the activists.

I'll be watching these races closely tonight:

Fisher vs. Brunner in the Ohio Senate Dem Primary
I expect Fisher to win, but not by quite as much as the polls have shown.
Ohio Auditor Republican Primary
My hunch is Yost will win, but this will be the race to watch tonight.
OH-18 GOP Primary
Bob Gibbs should beat out Jeanette Moll.
OH-6 GOP Primary
Bill Johnson will clear out the field for his race against Charlie Wilson.

Now get out there and vote.

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