Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brunner and Fisher throw slaps at eachother while looking away and screeching.

I didn't get to see anything but small clips of the debate, but from the sound of it, my description in the headline of this post sounds about right.

Nothing much happened.

Then Brunner said Fisher was sexist for calling her by name.

[Note to self: Start calling my future wife "fiancee" instead of her first name. After all, she earned it.]

Then Brunner said Fisher abandoned his post as jobs czar.

Then Brunner said she wouldn't endorse Lee.

Then Fisher ripped her on the ridiculous Party Pledge directive.

Actually, it looks like it was at least somewhat entertaining considering how bland the two candidates are in real-life.

The question is, why did Brunner wait so long to go on the attack against Lee? She should have been ripping him for months. When you don't have any cash for paid media, you do what you can to get earned media. Brunner seemed to think posting on the Daily Kos was good enough.

Well, polls show it wasn't.

Fisher's TV is up early. And it will solidify his lead provided he has a decent GOTV operation. The question is whether he has the cash to keep the ads going. If rumors of his extremely poor fundraising in the 1Q are true, then Lee may very well have given Brunner the slim glimmer of hope to somehow come back from the dead.

If so, it will be one of the most amazing failures Ohio politics has seen in years.

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