Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yet another RNC facepalm...

The Hotline reports the RNC spent at least $340,000, and likely much more, at their semi-annual meeting in Honolulu in January.

That's likely more than what they'll drop for Charles Djou's special election challenge to takeover a Dem congressional seat in Hawaii.

Just when the Michael Steele mess was starting to calm down, this will likely renew calls for his ouster.

And unlike the bar episode, this is completely on him. It's a perfect example of his inability to prioritize what's important and his love to waste vital contributor dollars.

Steele should go.

A new and temporary Chairman that inspires confidence and respect would revitalize the Party organization, bring in massive dollars as the establishment pushes donors to enhance the reputation of the new Chair, and helps streamline a poorly run organization in a way that provides an opportunity for the RNC to provide a real contribution to the 2010 election.

Once again, Ed Gillespie for Chairman.

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