Friday, April 16, 2010

Just when you think it can't get any worse...


That's the new unemployment rate in Ohio.

It's the largest in over a quarter a century.

It more than doubles the unemployment rate from when the Governor first came into office.

It's the 12th month in a row of +10% unemployment.

And it also represents the largest number of unemployed Ohioans in all of Strickland's four years.

But that still doesn't stop Strickland from strangely claiming victory.

Strickland will continue to paint the state of the state in as rosy a picture as possible, even claiming such clear fallacies as the above. But that denial of reality is going to ring hollow among the voters.

As we all know by now, jobs and the economy is far and away the most important issue on voter's minds.

And nothing represents that more than the unemployment rate.

With only six more reports on the unemployment rate to go before 11.2.10, I don't see any way for Strickland to make the electorate believe in his alternate delusional reality.

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