Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kasich's Army.

Way back in February of 2009, I said the following about the efforts Kasich had made at that point. By going to Lincoln Day Dinner after Lincoln Day Dinner, Kasich was building an army.
Beginning in 2007 and through March of 2009, Kasich has spoken or will have spoken at 45 County Lincoln Day Dinners or similar Party activist events. Attendance at these events has averaged out at about 400. That's 18,000 people. What's important to note is that these 18,000 aren't just regular voters. These are Party leaders, grassroots coordinators, fundraisers and combinations thereof. The very people that need to be inspired to work hard to make sure victory is assured in November of 2010.

It would be easy to say that these people can be counted on already. There is no need to waste time courting folks that will already help you, just as they help each campaign cycle, right? But as a campaign veteran I can tell you there is a ginormous difference between Party activists who feel obligated to help you and Party activists that WANT to help you.
Well, the first semblances of that army are coming to fruition. With the "88 on 28" grassroots GOTV effort, the Kasich campaign is utilizing the hordes of supporters they've built over time.

Anyone want to bet that even after four years as Governor, there is no way in hell the Strickland campaign could even come close to organizing such an event?

To sign up for Kasich's 88 on 28, click here.

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