Thursday, April 8, 2010

Operation Dumb

Yesterday, Governor Strickland appeared with Operation Dumbo Drop star Danny Glover to rally with the factory workers of the Hugo Boss plant in Cleveland.

Yes, you read that right.

Apparently, the union workers are unhappy that Hugo Boss wants to, you guessed it, leave Ohio.

Anyone else sensing a trend?

The key to this entire issue lies in one key sentence that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
In a letter Feb. 3 to Mark Brashear, chairman of Hugo Boss USA, Strickland asked the company to reconsider closing the plant. A week later, in a response to the governor, Stockert left little hope. "We listened to our employee representatives for months and, at their suggestion, met with your administration in December," he wrote. "Through the course of that process, it became apparent that neither your administration nor the union are in a position to change the economic realities in our business."
If there was such a thing as superbolding, I'd do it to the last sentence in that paragraph.

Ohio isn't doing enough. And it has no plans to change the way it does business.

That's why Hugo Boss is leaving.

But what's Strickland's response? A politically transparent move.

Read the sentence in the Hugo Boss letter one more time. Shouting into a bullhorn with the star of Lethal Weapon 3 along with a bunch of union workers does nothing to change the economic realities facing Hugo Boss.

And that's another thing.

Danny Glover? Really?

I wonder how many Ohioans would align themselves with Danny Glover's politics.
What a psycho.

Now don't get me wrong. The workers, their families, and the entire community have a right to be frustrated at their entire situation. But that anger should be refocused on Ted Strickland and his failure so far to provide an environment that provides an incentive for Hugo Boss to remain in Ohio.

And Danny Glover.


  1. The "economic realities" is that free trade deals supported by John Kasich has destroyed manufacturing in the United States. The PD article makes it clear that Hugo Boss is moving to Eastern European countries where labor costs are less.

    Does John Kasich want to turn Ohio into an Eastern European country?

  2. LOL! Sorry dude. Nobody's buyin'. Kasich isn't the governor ... yet. This mess belongs to the liberals.

  3. One of these days, this modern esquire chap will get out from under Ted Strickland.

    Or not. Loser, either way.

  4. Oops... Hugo Boss announces it's staying in Ohio


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