Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kasich smokes Strickland......again.

Ah, campaign finance reporting day.

Always fun to watch. Other than polls, it’s the only clear head-to-head competition we really get to enjoy until election day.

The hard numbers for this reporting period:

Kasich raised 2.0 million and has $5.2 million on hand.

Strickland raised $1.4 million and has $7.1 million on hand.

First off, it’s clear that Kasich was the winner of this reporting period. Just like he was the clear cut winner of the last reporting period.

Kasich’s first donor came on January 25th. Strickland’s on January 29th. During this period of time, Kasich outraised Strickland 4:3.

What’s even more unfortunate for Strickland is that he took at least $131,687, or nearly 1/10th of his total cash raised, from state and county Party organizations.

After a brief read through it looks like Kasich only took $25,000 from the state Party, or 1/80th of his total amount raised.

It’s amazing to me that the cash-on-hand gap is already under $2 million with more than 6 months to go ‘til election day.

Governor Strickland is just that – the Governor. He’s been in office for nearly four years and has the power of incumbency to twist arms and raise cash in one of the most heavily watched races in the nation.

And he gets outraised by $500k and is on pace to lose his fundraising advantage by the fall.

Democrats have to be worried.

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  1. We're not. Nobody questioned Wall Street's ability to raise money, especially while he pal around with Stanford's lobbyist.

    Plus, Kasich is spending money that it takes Lee Fisher's campaign to make look frugal.

    Not worried at all having the candidate with the most money and raised the most of any Democratic gubernatorial candidate in the nation.

    Your "concern" is touching.


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