Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DSCC to the rescue.

Just how poor is Lee Fisher now that he's had to drop all his cash in his primary against Jennifer Brunner?

This poor:

Two sources say the DSCC has been calling around to Ohio TV stations asking for air time in advance of the May 4 primary between Sec/State Jennifer Brunner and LG Lee Fisher.

According to Brunner, who spoke with Hotline OnCall late last year, DSCC Chair Bob Menendez told her he would spend money against a primary candidate with little campaign cash. Menendez has not been shy about his support for Fisher over Brunner.

This amazes me.

Somehow, the DSCC believes Lee Fisher is such a strong candidate, and Brunner such a poor candidate, that they are willing to drop very valuable dollars on the primary.

But as we've said before, Fisher is easily the more vulnerable candidate.

And now we have the DSCC helping to make sure he's Rob Portman's opponent in November.

Thanks, fellas. You're the best!

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