Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Strickland's real-world revenue shortage.

At this point in 2009, the nation was already 16 months into the recession.

In those 16 months, the Buckeye state saw the number of employed Ohioans drop by 218,000.

But according to the latest tax revenue numbers, things were far better last March than they are now.

From the Dispatch:
Tax receipts for the 2010 fiscal year continue to run more than $1 billion less than actual tax receipts during the same period for the 2009 fiscal year, the draft report shows.
And to think, Ted Strickland says we're in the middle of our economic recovery.

And what's his plan to fix Ohio's tax revenue problem? Beg for more cash from the federal government.

It's a joke that Strickland and his lackeys have attempted to smear Kasich for cuts he hasn't even suggested yet when in real life, Ohio is facing a real world tax revenue crisis that the governor refuses to address.

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