Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nice timing, Governor.

Maybe @Ted_Strickland should follow @RandyLudlow, a senior reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, on Twitter.

Around 1:00pm yesterday, Mr. Ludlow posted this tweet.

And just a few minutes afterwards, Governor Strickland once again proudly proclaimed the resurgence of Ohio manufacturing:

First off, the Governor is wrong. These aren't jobs being created. They are simply 189 workers not being fired thanks to further reinvestment by, General Motors.

And nevermind the earlier story in the Dispatch highlighting the large percentage of 250 Sysco employees being dumped.

Let's see of I remember my math correctly.

1,216 > 189, right?

That's quite a manufacturing resurgence. The sad part is that there hasn't been one word uttered by the Governor in response to the massive loss of jobs in Pike County. That's despite the County already suffering from a massive 17.1% unemployment rate.

The good news for the Governor? Layoffs won't happen until early next year, meaning they won't further damage the state's already staggeringly awful unemployment rate.

And lest I forget...


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