Friday, April 23, 2010

Libertarians may want to get to know Travis Irvine.

Who is Travis Irvine? Libertarian or…?

Yesterday’s Columbus Dispatch included a story about local funny man and filmmaker Travis Irvine. Travis just received word that his film about his failed 2007 Bexley Mayoral candidacy will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

There is however more to Travis Irvine than just his filmmaking. Travis also happens to be one of two Libertarian candidates vying for Ohio’s 12th Congressional seat. But who exactly is Travis Irvine? Here are a few tidbits that may be interesting to other Libertarians in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District:
  • 2007—Travis’ candidacy for Bexley, Ohio Mayoral is endorsed by the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. See link to the Green Party’s principles (including support for Cap and Trade and Universal Health Care).
  • 2008—Travis campaigns for Barack Obama as a member of OU Students for Barack Obama—the student wing of the Obama for American campaign. The purpose of the group was “organizing students to register voters, get out the vote, raise funds, and spread Barack Obama's message of hope, action, change.”
So is Travis Irvine truly a Libertarian who supports smaller, limited government, lower taxes and more personal liberty or something else?

Maybe someone will let Travis know that principles aren’t something you can just turn on and off, like the mic at his favorite comedy club.

Maybe someone will let Travis know that the Libertarian party shouldn’t be used as his platform to self-promote his latest film project.

Maybe someone will let Travis know that actions speak louder than words.


  1. Having known Travis for years I must say that you are pretty much wrong on everything.

  2. Travis is a good soul who truly believes in forwarding policy through individual action. Anyone who could garner the endorsement of BOTH the Green and Libertarian party - are you saying the Libertarians at that time didn't evaluate him properly? or that the Libertarian platform somehow is negated by his concern for the environment? - is a stellar candidate indeed. I'm proud to support him.


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