Monday, April 26, 2010

I'll take "Words you're going to regret" for $500, Alex.

You'll remember last week we learned that one of the promises of Obamacare, reduced health care costs, was shown to be a fallacy by a non-partisan panel of experts sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

From USA Today:
President Obama's health care overhaul law will increase the nation's health care tab instead of bringing costs down, government economic forecasters concluded Thursday in a sobering assessment of the sweeping legislation.
Many of Ohio's congressional delegation went against the will of the people and voted for the bill at least partly based on the supposed promise to reduce costs.

Well, it's about time those Members ate their words:
"This bill accomplishes much of what I have been fighting for and I’m encouraged that by passing it we’ll reduce the deficit by $100 billion over the next ten years..." - Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15)

“This health care reform legislation is an historic step forward that will reduce our budget deficit by more than a trillion dollars, cut taxes for small businesses, reduce costs for middle class families..." - Steve Driehaus (OH-1)

"This bill may not be perfect but it strikes the proper balance of reducing costs, increasing consumer choices and lowering the staggering deficit from runaway health care spending." - John Boccieri (OH-16)

"I have seen the CBO score and the reconciliation changes for myself. This bill will not add a dime to the deficit." - Charlie Wilson (OH-6)
See ya in November, Congressmen.

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  1. sure... And you all read the bill too, right? Bunch of @$$es.


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