Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yvette McGee Brown is an android.

Yvette McGee Brown remains hidden from the world.

The only proof that she exists is through a relatively new facebook fan page created by the Dems on her behalf along with an awfully robotic looking Yvette speaking directly to the camera in a short video.

As far as we can tell, Yvette has yet to publicly campaign or meet the media since the week of her campaign announcement nearly three months ago. Her last appearance was with Jim Heath of ONN a few days after her unveiling.

Since then. Nothing. For nearly three months.

When she was announced as Kasich's LG candidate, Chris Redfern compared Mary Taylor to Sarah Palin.

Well, if Sarah Palin had remained hidden from view for almost three months after her introduction, we wouldn't have seen her until about three weeks after Obama had already won.

(and yes, I'm sure many Dems would have preferred it that way)

We always hear that LG candidates don't matter much to the voters. Well, apparently Ted's LG candidate doesn't matter much to him, either.

A facebook page for Yvette, Ted? That's it? Really?

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