Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cordray makes you go hmmmm.....

In his campaign finance report, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray gave away about $750,000 to the Ohio Democratic Party, Summit County Democratic Party, and Franklin County Democratic Party.

Interestingly enough, the largest contributor to Ted Strickland's campaign was the Summit County Democratic Party at $35,000, the most among any contributor by $25,000.

Additionally, the only other County Party to contribute to Ted Strickland guessed it, the Franklin County Democratic Party.

Now, obviously this brings up some questions about redistribution. But it also makes one wonder how confident Cordray feels about his race if he's willing to give away this kind of cash. Does he have assurances from the Party organizations that he'll be reimbursed if necessary? What's going on here?

UPDATE: A reader also noted that Maryellen O'Shaughnessy's $293,000 take was buoyed by an $85,000 contribution from the Ohio Democratic Party. Additionally, $30,000 of Kevin Boyce's $169,000 came from the state Party organization as well. It seems Cordray is trying to float the entire statewide Democratic ticket. Hmmm....

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