Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daily Kos: "Strickland Dead Meat in 2010 Governor's Race"

If you read political blogs, you know Daily Kos is the most influential liberal blog in the nation.

And if you follow Ohio politics, this article couldn't help but capture your attention:

Some of my favorite nuggets:
[S]outheast Ohio shows as Kasich's third stongest region at 54-43 for Kasich. The southeast is Strickland's home base. It's where he grew up and held a congressional seat for eons. It's also the state's biggest swing region. If Strickland is losing the southeast at all, not to mention by 11 points, he's dead meat.


The Ohio Poll confirms what I see and hear on the ground. The folks who know Ted Strickland, who grew up with him, who are related to him, have turned against him with a vengeance. And the vengeance is growing.


Strickland has been pure disaster for southern Ohio. His deals with the timber companies have deforested our counties. His deals with the coal companies have resulted in plans for new filthy coal plants. His deals with the nuclear companies have resulted in a string of failed projects at the Piketon nuclear reservation. Lies. Lies. Lies. That is the Strickland legacy on his home turf.


For those looking in from outside, Ohio is shaping up to be a real disaster for Democrats in 2010. But for those of us here, it won't be such a disaster. Because the only way to remove a corrupt machine is to have it swept from office.


I retain hope that Strickland will follow his own internal polling, withdraw from the race, allow Lee Fisher to run for governor, and leave Jennifer Brunner a clear shot at Rob Portman in the Senate race.
Holy. Frickin'. Crap.

And I thought I was tough on the Governor.

With friends like these....


  1. DailyKos is a community of posters, with main page content written by those in charge of the site and the best community contributions posted to the side based on "recs" under a "recommended diaries" section.

    This post is one individual's diary which did not make the main page, and therefore does not reflect the "influential" opinion of those in charge of the site. It also has not reached the rec list despite a large number of comments (in fact, it only has three recommendations - that's REALLY low) indicating a broad disagreement within the DailyKos community with the opinion of the post.

    In other words, you went online and found one self-identified liberal who does not like Strickland.


  2. And yet, still ridiculously funny!

  3. Loons eating loons. Nothing funnier than that!

  4. Love the sarcasm Voltaire, way to discount what someone says about Strickland without actually commenting on the content of the post.

    How dare, I say, how dare someone points out that someone on your side pointed out that Strickland is hurtin' in the SE, and that a conservative commented on it. What the tar-nations were us silly Republicans doing? (Since its Halloween, read the last sentence in a Foghorn Leghorn voice). Cause you can.

  5. Man, that Jennifer Brunner can write a persuasive post!

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