Thursday, October 22, 2009

"One card left to play"

That's how NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd described Creigh Deeds tactic in this advertisement now airing in Virginia.

Obama is the one card Creigh Deeds has left to play. And considering it's only Obama's is the only voice heard in the commercial, it's clear that Deeds is laying it all in the President's hands.

So, how will it effect the race?

Conventional wisdom would say the spot will increase turnout for Deeds and strengthen his position on election day.

Will it?

As of today, here is an amalgamation of several polls, via, that show the race currently standing at a seven point advantage for McDonnell.

So, if this really is Deeds' final tactic, we now have a decent starting point to see how Obama effects the race, and how much Virginians are swayed by the not-quite-as-popular President.

We'll know soon.

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