Thursday, October 22, 2009

The #TedBlockedMe Hashtag - Join Us!

As was alluded to yesterday in an update, we here at 3BP aren't the only ones blocked from following @Ted_Strickland.

But the post about how I was blocked seemed to spur quite a movement on Twitter. There were those that found that they themselves had been blocked, and others that were aspiring for the same. And that's how the #TedBlockedMe hashtag was born.

So remember Twitterers, when you feel a need to spout off on the next ridiculous failure from @Ted_Strickland, remember the #TedBlockedMe hashtag, and maybe you too can join the ranks of the honored souls who have thrown ole Ted into such a tizzy that he just can't stand allowing you to follow his all-too-boring tweets.

The Cool Kids

p.s. For those not into the Twitter scene, sorry to waste your time. Ha.

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