Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jennifer, you're not very good at this.


The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today in favor of state Sen. Jon Husted in a residency dispute, overturning a decision by Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner that Husted does not live in his Montgomery County district for voting purposes.

The court ruled 7-0 with separate opinions to require the Montgomery County Board of Elections find that Husted is a resident of the county for election purposes and to maintain his name on poll books as properly registered.

As I said back on September 22nd, "interestingly enough, Brunner just can't help putting herself in the position to once again lose out to the Ohio Supremes. She's going to lose. The question is how embarrassing it will be."

7-0 answers that question.

Since she likely will drop out of the Senate primary due to lack of funds, and since she clearly has no idea how to interpret Ohio law thereby ruling out a run for the Ohio Supreme Court, maybe my prediction of a SoS re-election campaign isn't so far fetched.

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