Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ohio loses again.

And I bet you didn't even know about it 'til now.
A specialty police car may be a lot closer to being made in Indiana. With the unemployment rate jumping to 9.8 percent nationwide, Connersville is looking forward to 1,500 new jobs. The project took a major step forward Friday when Mayor Leonard Urban signed on the dotted line with Carbon Motors.

Connersville knows how to put its best foot forward, at least when it comes to attracting new business. Carbon Motors announced it had selected the 1.8-million-square-foot vacated Visteon plant to manufacture its new high tech police cruisers.

I don't think it's that crazy to imagine Ohio has a few vacated manufacturing plants itself. But did we even hear about an effort by the state to attract this growing manufacturing company to the Buckeye State?

Just how Ted Strickland was AWOL when NCR was making its decision to leave its longtime home in Dayton, it seems he was AWOL once again in bringing 1,500 manufacturing jobs to Ohio.

But why would Carbon Motors choose Indiana over Ohio? I can't imagine why...
Ohhhhh. Ok. That makes more sense now.

And yet Governor Strickland wants to raise taxes.


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  1. Just hoping we don't sink to #50 before Kasich gets in there.


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