Thursday, October 1, 2009

Husted v. Brunner x 2?

Marilyn Brown has dropped out of the SoS race.

Now, I'll admit to not having a pulse on the state of Democrat down-ticket politics, but I would be surprised if the other Democrat left in the race, Jennifer Garrison, isn't far behind.

So how long til Jennifer Brunner leaves her race....and joins another?


  1. Insert clever alias here, Esq.October 1, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    Funny how this announcement happened not less than 8 hours after the 9/30 fundraising deadline for U.S. Senate candidates. Did Brunner finally realize that she doesn't have enough $ to compete against Fischer?

  2. What does this post even mean? The power players in the Democratic party made it clear they choose Garrison. Brown never had a shot, and today admitted it and dropped out.

  3. Voltaire,

    Nice attitude. :-)

    But to clear things up, this was my line of thought...

    Brown is in Brunner's camp in the Brunner v. Redfern intraparty battle.

    She has dropped out.

    Considering Brunner's poll numbers vs. Lee and more importantly her fundraising numbers, it's possible that she told Brown to leave the race. As Insert said, the timing relative to the federal fundraising deadline is suspect.

    If Brunner gave indications to the Party that she would leave the Senate race and run again for SoS, Redfern would be hard pressed to keep backing Garrison.

    Thus, Husted v. Brunner.

  4. That seems plausible. Guess it's wait-and-see time.


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