Monday, October 5, 2009

Three times.

That's how many times Governor Strickland's State Economic Growth Cabinet met since their inception on October 1, 2008.

The Columbus Dispatch can take it from here, listing failure after failure.
  • Still, a promised "unified economic development budget" to increase transparency in spending and a scorecard to monitor progress of development remain works in progress.
  • Critics also point to another executive order related to economic growth that Strickland issued in February 2008 for "common-sense business regulation" and say that although the goal is laudable, the failure to deliver a promised Web site to track the process is glaring.
  • But the unified development budget, meant to compile state spending on development projects to help track the state's investments and evaluate its impact, still is being prepared.
  • Even so, the order called for a centralized electronic system to allow interested parties to receive notices about any new rules or changes. That system isn't expected to be ready until the end of the year, nearly two years after the order was issued.
Clearly, this is yet more ammo for the Kasich campaign as it prepares for the 2010 election season. But it's not only Strickland who will be damaged...
The group is led by Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, the former state development director who is running for U.S. Senate next year, as well as the leaders of key state agencies and entities.
Recent Rasmussen and Quinnipiac polls indicate many voters still don't associate presumptive Senate nominee Lee Fisher with Ohio's job crisis or Toxic Ted. That's nothing a few well-placed advertisements can't cure.

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