Monday, October 19, 2009

What happened to 'Save Darfur'?

For years we've heard cries from the left and right to stop the genocide in Darfur.

Barack Obama, while running for President, promised to put a stop to it.

So where are we in accomplishing this goal?
The new U.S. policy, which will be formally unveiled Monday, calls for a campaign of “pressure and incentives” to cajole the government in Khartoum into pursuing peace in the troubled Darfur region, settling disputes with the autonomous government in southern Sudan and providing the United States greater cooperation in stemming international terrorism, according to administration officials briefed on the plan.


In an interview last month with The Washington Post, [U.S. special envoy Scott] Gration said he wanted to give “cookies” and “gold stars” to Khartoum, infuriating human rights advocates and congressional officials. Under the new policy, Gration will not be authorized to negotiate directly with Bashir, and Sudan will not be removed from the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism in the immediate future, officials said.
"Pressure and incentives". "Cookies" and "gold stars". After nearly nine months in office, that's the grand plan to stop a full-on genocide.

Pardon me if I'm not blown away.

How long until we start seeing this poster from the left?


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