Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh no. Not again.

Ted blew it.

Yes, again.

Yet another car manufacturer, this one armed with a $529 million loan from the federal government, has decided to avoid Ohio and take its business to......Delaware.
People with knowledge of talks between Fisker Automotive and Delaware officials say the company plans to build vehicles at a former General Motors plant in Wilmington.

The head of the California-based producer of electric vehicles said earlier this week that officials would soon announce a U.S. manufacturing site.
So, they are using abandoned manufacturing plants. Which Ohio has.

And they are "green jobs". Which Ted Strickland claims to love.

And they're going to.........Delaware.

Now, why would that possibly be? Hmmm...I can't think of a reason...

Could it beeeee.....?

So Fisker Automotive could choose between the 4th worst business tax climate, or the 8th best?

Ok, now I get it.

Thanks, Guv.

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  1. Is Delaware a right to work state? Don't think it is. I believe Virginia is the most northerly RTW state.

    So it must be the biz climate.

    Unions are the elephant in the room in Ohio that no one wants to talk about. Why do you think Honda has built all its newer plants in the South?


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