Saturday, October 24, 2009

Does this look like the Party of No?

Yesterday, Ben Smith at Politico reported on this story about Jeb Bush:
Jeb Bush, adopting rhetoric more often heard from Democrats, told students at George Washington University last night that the GOP "can't be the party of no."

""We just can't be the party of no," the former Florida governor said, according to the student newspaper. "Republicans need to offer, based on their own principles, solutions to these problems."

But is this accurate? Are Republicans really the Party of No?

To simply be the Party of No, the congressional GOP would have to propose zero solutions to the issue of the day (i.e., health care reform).

So, do they have any solutions?

Does this answer your question?
Labeling the GOP as the Party of No does a disservice to the legislation linked above. In addition, Bobby Jindal and Tim Pawlenty, both new and fresh leaders within the GOP, have proposed their own solutions.

Party of No? I don't think so.

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