Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The snowball is running downhill.

Marco Rubio raised $1 million this quarter.

Charlie Crist raised $4 million in the previous quarter and is expected to raise $2 million this quarter.

And yet it's Rubio with the momentum.

In the Florida Senate race that is being billed as a battle for the GOP's soul, it has "never been Rubio's goal to outraise Crist...Rubio just needs enough money to compete in Florida's closed Republican primary in August. And this seems to put him on pace to do just that."

Need more proof? From the St. Petersburg Times:
Charlie Crist ought to start worrying. The Marco Rubio campaign says the underdog Republican candidate Natrev for U.S. Senate raised nearly $1 million in the last fundraising quarter — a giant improvement over his last quarter and a number sure to help eliminate doubts about his viability.
Now that the media is running with the story that Rubio is indeed a viable candidate, his ability to raise money will only improve.

What I had once deemed a longshot seems that much more possible now - Senator Rubio.

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