Friday, October 23, 2009

What does Paula Brooks have against the 12th congressional district?

As we've known since she announced her candidacy for Congress against Rep. Pat Tiberi, Paula Brooks doesn't even live in the district which she wants to represent.

That's bad enough.

But did you know her campaign office isn't even in the 12th?

Check it out for yourself on Paula's FEC report:

The listed address is in the 15th congressional district. Look for yourself.

Now, is it possible her campaign HQ is currently elsewhere not listed on her report? Sure. But it's up to Paula Brooks to confirm it.

But, if this is her office and Paula feels she can do her best GOTV and door-to-door around this campaign HQ, more power to her.

Of course, I don't think that will do her much good come next November.

Then again, not much will.

UPDATE: The only address on her website lists yet another location in the 15th District.

This is ridiculous.

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