Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ted Strickland: Enemy of Adult Education

On Monday, Ted Strickland made news when he stopped at a business in Preble County. In his continued effort to convince Ohioans that improved education will solve Ohio's job crisis, Jello Ted stated the following:
"And Ohio has the capacity to become the supplier of what the world needs. We must not, we cannot, we will not give up. We have all that it takes in Ohio to be successful if we stay committed and focused and if we continue to make education a top priority."
Now, as I've said before, of course it's essential to maintain a robust school system that will educate our students and make them ready when they finally graduate college years from now and are looking for a job. An educated workforce is attractive to businesses looking to invest in Ohio.

But this educated workforce won't stick around Ohio if businesses don't find the state an attractive place to invest. And currently our 4th worst in the country business climate ranking isn't helping.

But I digress.

Now, I would imagine that Governor Strickland, if he cared about educating those that could jump quickly into the workforce, would focus much of his efforts on adult education.

But a quick look at the Governor's budget finds some interesting numbers.
  • Testing to get your GED is cut 29.5%.
  • Adult literacy funding is zeroed out completely.
  • Post-secondary adult-career technical education is cut 100%.
  • Career-Technical Education Enhancements lose $742,000 in funding.
  • Adult Basic Education has gone from being funded at $17,000,000 in zero.
Is this really how the Governor funds a "top priority"?

Ohioans who are finding themselves phased out of the workforce clearly can't count on Ted Strickland to help retrain them as they look for ways to adapt to our faltering economy.

You've had your chance, Ted. And clearly you don't get it.


  1. You frequently criticize the governor's budget decisions. I'm curious: what is your alternate budget proposal? What should be cut instead?

  2. Well, I've already saved the salaries of our legislators, what else do ya want?

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