Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Amalgamation

While my readers know I love poring through a poll of the big races in Ohio, they also should know that each poll is simply a snapshot in time, and as we learned yesterday, each and every poll can't necessarily be trusted at face value.

Because of this a true understanding of the full state of the race can only be done by studying an amalgamation of all polls, no matter the source or sample. does a good job of combining the data into an easy to read graph.

So, where does Ohio's gubernatorial race stand today?

Kasich is up by nearly four.

And Portman's Senate race versus Fisher?

Portman is up by 2.

Yes, November is a long ways away. I'm sure we'll see these lines cross back and forth across eachother a few times. After all, it is Ohio.

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