Friday, April 2, 2010

The Architect and the Tea Party

It's hard to get much more "establishment" than Karl Rove.

It's also hard to find someone so amazingly good at winning.

And that's why Tea Partiers should embrace the advice he provides in a great column on his website.

First, Rove recommends five committments each Tea Party member should make to enrich the nation and expand the Tea Party's influence.

He then goes on to state:

Politicians who hope to appeal to tea partiers must offer solutions that are heartfelt and well thought out. Tea party members may be new to politics, but they have a keen instinct for what's authentic. Attempts to pander will fall flat.

The tea party movement must also distance itself from the "birthers" who insist Mr. Obama wasn't born in the U.S., the 9/11 deniers, and other conspiracy fans who make wild comments the media will seize on to undermine the movement's credibility.

The unhinged quality of the White House and the DNC attacks show that they understand how much the tea party movement can affect this year's elections. Now is the time for the movement to ensure its energy—and influence—stay high.

It's truly possible for the Republican Party and Tea Party to work together for mutual gain. This is a good step forward.

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