Thursday, April 1, 2010

The RGA throws down the hammer.

“All they have to do is ask Jon Corzine or Creigh Deeds what happens when we engage in a race.” - Nick Ayers, RGA Executive Director
And engage the RGA will.

Strickland's communications director, Lis Smith, who somehow found a way for Democrat to lose New Jersey by serving in the same role for Jon Corzine, knows all too well what happens when the Republican Governors Association gets involved.

After their most recent report, the RGA has nearly a full 1/3 more cash-on-hand than their Democratic counterparts. A portion of their $31.2 million will most assuredly be seen in Ohio in the race between Kasich and Strickland.


  1. Or just ask Ken Blackwell... oops!

    You do, of course, realize, that this is the SMALLEST cash on hand advantage the RGA has had over the DGA?

    Of course you didn't.

  2. Yeah? I'm pretty sure the gap was smaller last reporting period.


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