Thursday, July 22, 2010

Desperation, thy name is Strickland - Part 1

Today the Strickland campaign is once again calling a news conference to attack John Kasich over his work for Lehman Brothers.

This time they are trying to push the meme that Kasich isn't credible because he apparently forgot to mention he had a 10 minute phone call 8 years ago.
"One of our associates in our real estate area received a phone call from Mr. Kasich about eight years ago in mid-2002," Laura Eckler, spokeswoman for the pension system, told The Dispatch.

"Mr. Kasich was pitching Lehman’s brokerage service to sell our mall portfolio. It was less than a 10-minute conversation. STRS Ohio did not use Lehman for the project."

This could very well turn the race, folks.


The thing is, the whole idea that the Kasich campaign isn't forthcoming is a load of bull. In fact, back when the Dispatch first started reporting on the story, the campaign actually provided the Big D with information they didn't have about Kasich's discussions with Ohio officials.
In fact the campaign told The Dispatch at the time that Kasich never approached any other Ohio governmental entity about doing business with Lehman. However, it was the campaign that initially brought to light the PERS meeting, because officials at that fund initially couldn't find any record of a Kasich contact.
So if Kasich's campaign wanted to hide involvement, why would they reveal something of which there was no way of proving? See my point?

The fact is, Strickland believes voters should punish Kasich because he couldn't remember a 10-minute phone call from eight years ago.

Anyone think it will work?

Didn't think so.

I think the real question is this - when will the Strickland campaign stop wasting the media's time with underwhelming press conferences?

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  1. You seem to forget how Kasich then also claimed he didn't participate in the pitches to the pensions, and then public documents showed he did.

    You also forget that the campaign specifically denied that ANY other government entity was ever contacted. That the campaign was caught trying to get Taft appointees still working at the pensions to spin Lehman Brothers losses, etc.

    Oh, and then there's Kasich's ridiculous claim that he's responsible for Google.


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