Friday, July 23, 2010

Dick Morris tells poorly dressed man that Portman and Kasich will win

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  1. Wow, this site is getting pathetic. Newsflash! Toe-suckin', whore lovin' conservative political commentator with a documented history of making laughable predictions (HRC dropping out, losing in '00, some of the worst electoral map projections in '08, wrote that John McCain could NEVER win the GOP nomination, etc.) goes on Newsmax and says conservatives are awesome.... bravo!

    You've officially hit rock bottom.

  2. Wow, you're almost as angry a person as Lis Smith.

    So odd.

    Silly hyperbole aside, I wouldn't exactly consider Clinton's campaign manager in '96 as inept.

    Anyone who can come back from what happened in '94 has some smarts.

  3. Um, he got caught at the DNC convention sucking a prostitute's toe... how smart can he be?

    Can't believe you're reduced to citing Dick Morris' comments on NEWSMAX to make Kasich look electable.

    And '96 was hardly a tough campaign against Bob Dole, who was more interested in tanning that campaigning. Clinton's popularlity had already rebounded, the economy was incredibly strong, and the GOP was incredibly unpopular with independents for their extremist ways.

    There's nothing angry about my comment. You apparently have me confused with Kasich. I'm just ashamed to see this blog hit so low in its standards.

  4. Clinton got a BJ from a fat intern. Does that make him an idiot?

    He was orchestrating Clinton's image post-'94. He was the primary reason for Clinton's popularity rebound. He was responsible for the triangulation theory that was so successful.

    Minimize him all you like. Once again, it's your delusion. Enjoy!

  5. The guy posting items from Newsmax as legitimate information should not be lecturing anyone about delusions...

    Calm down. You're talking to me like Kasich did that store clerk.

  6. You're the one that needs to calm down, ME. Your constant angry posts everyday with the same old "pathetic" comments were old months ago.

    If this site is so pathetic and rock-bottom, why do you continue to monitor it on a daily basis? If it were so irrelevent, you wouldn't even care.

    Please calm down, angry troll.


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