Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kasich supporters should welcome President Obama with open arms

Is Ted Strickland sane?

Or is he just that desperate for campaign cash.

That's the only explanation for bringing in a President that has worse approval ratings than Ohio's own Governor.

Either way, my fellow GOPers, this is a gift. Embrace it.
President Obama will lend a hand to Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland's re-election campaign next month.

Strickland's campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith confirmed the visit Tuesday after it was reported in the Columbus Dispatch.

Obama plans to deliver a speech on the economy in Columbus on August 18, followed by a fundraiser for Strickland and the Ohio Democratic Party.
President Obama hasn't received a positive job approval rating from Ohioans in any poll since October of last year.

In the last two polls from Rasmussen and Quinnipiac, Independent voters have given the President the following approval ratings, respectively.

30%. 40%.

Additionally, that same Quinnipiac poll also showed only 41% of Independents and 46% overall wanted to see their next Ohio Senator support the President's policies. Now, to be fair, the question didn't mention anything about Governor, but considering how closely Strickland aligns himself with the President in supporting his proposals at the federal level, it does give an additional indication of how the close association with the President will affect the Governor.

And to top it all off, clearly the Kasich team has an indication that the Strickland/Obama association damages the Governor.

That's why they produced this ad several weeks ago:

New Jersey. Virginia. Massachusetts.

All states went hard for Obama in 2008. All three rebuffed him in 2009.

When President Obama went to New Jersey just prior to election day in 2009, his Strong Approval ratings in the state stood at 38% and Rasmussen had Chris Christie up 3 points. Nationally, the President's Strong Approval(as opposed to overall approval) rating floated around 30%.

After the President went back to Washington, Christie went on to win by 4 points.

Prior to the President's trip to Massachusetts to campaign for Martha Coakley, Rasmussen had Scott Brown down 2 points to Coakley, and Barack Obama's Strong Approval at 37% in the Bay State.

Brown went on to win by 5.

Since then, the President's Strong Approval ratings have sunk even lower - sitting at 31% in Ohio and 25% nationally.

Now consider that the President's strong approval rating at the time of his visit in New Jersey, a strongly blue state, was 7 points higher than it is now in Ohio polling, and 6 points higher in Taxachusetts.

To put it simply, if sending Obama didn't work in New Jersey and Massachusetts, it definitely won't work in the Buckeye State.

Welcome, President Obama. Make yourself at home.


  1. Again, every SANE analyst has said that it's very difficult to translate the VA and NJ Governors races as rebuffs to Obama as polling showed that had little to do with why voters supported a particular candidate or why the GOP won those races.

    Bet it still goes better than Kasich's disasterous Mitch Daniels event you've never written about.

    And I bet Obama is still more popular than Newt Gingrich who Kasich campaigned in Dayton with.

  2. Hester, do you really think that there is a comparison between the PRESIDENT coming in, and Mitch Daniels?

    Mitch Daniels' visit was inside baseball, being that very few people give a damn(beside people who really care). The president has universal name ID, and his popularity is falling fast.

    Night and day my friend.

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