Monday, July 5, 2010

Is Ted even trying?

Over the July 4th holiday, The Kasich/Taylor team walked in the Lancaster, Parma and Ashville parades. Pics from the events can be seen here.

But there was nothing but silence from the Strickland campaign. His web page listed nothing. His facebook wall didn't even mention Independence Day. There was only a lone tweet wishing everyone a happy fourth.

Did Ted do any campaigning on the most patriotic day of the year? If you know of anything, please list it in the comments, as I couldn't find one shred of evidence that Ted saw the light of day.

It's almost as if Ted was scared to go out and meet the voters in such an uncontrolled atmosphere. With his approval numbers in the absolute dumps, was he scared of the boos? Or was he just plain lazy?

My guess? Both.

What's particularly strange is that last year, in the middle of a budget crisis, Ted found time to break his word and go to a fair and participate in a jello eating contest. But now, with the legislative season relatively silent, so is Ted.

And it's no surprise from a campaign that has been nothing but a negative attack machine.

Rather than engaging the voters in an open atmosphere, all evidence points to Ted hiding away.

That's what unpopular governors do.

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